The most effective solution in open spaces. It can interfere with remote shooting up to 33 meters.

Autonomous system. No need for external electricity. The energy required is generated by the sensor when the temperature is detected.

The module is very safe especially in exproof applications because it works by producing cold gas (fuel tanks, mines, volatile chemicals and working environments)

Short Description

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are new generation (very fast effective) pulsed dry powder modules.

Sapfir Modules are non-pressurized containers installed in their sensor system, they are light, easy to assemble and transport, do not require pipe operation, there is no operating cost for long years beyond service control.

Sapfir Modules are the least costly powder type automatic fire extinguisher. Sapfir modules are insulated from air during producing process. Thus, it is protected from external influences. For this reason, long-term maintenance without waiting for maintenance remains running.

Sapfir Modules can be activated automatically or manually after fire detection. In case of fire, the cold gas generator is activated. It converts the substance into cold gas and initiates a chemical reaction that creates a positive pressure within the module.

Sapfir fire extinguishing systems interfere with fire in two ways.

  1. Chemically
    Flame-emitting chain carriers and flame creators.
  2. Physically (four-stage process)
    1. By removing heat by means of heat absorption, particle evaporation and endothermic processes of powder particles.
    2. Dilution of the fire zone by created pressured powder cloud.
    3. Forming barriers between fire flame and substance
    4. In the last stage, creating cover over the burning surface.

Shown schematically below

Advantages and Differences

  • It will interfere after 4-8 seconds after the fire is detected.
  • In one second, it sprays the powder into the fire area.
  • Fast extinguishing
  • Can protect the area up to 80 m² and 240 m³. Can be installed up to 16 meters height.

Safety and Ecological Differences

  • It does not have toxic content.
  • Does not harmful for Ozone.
  • There is no pressure until energised by sensor.


  • Can be used for A, B C E type of fires. ( Can be used for electrical energy systems and equipments safely)
  • Can be installed in all kinds of industrial and residential buildings.
  • Sapfir Modules have an operating temperature of -60° C to +90° C.
  • Has sensing system in different temperature rate from 45° C to 180° C
  • High extinguishing efficiency
  • Using less amount of powder
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Removability and transportability (by authorized technical persons)

Maintenance and Savability

  • Long life. The first two years have manufacturing warranty.
  • 15 years of warranty with the maintenance contract by autorized company.
  • Minimum operating cost
  • No special maintenance is required except for periodic inspection.
  • Easy to clean by dry brush and vacuum machine.


Why Choose Us

Very Fast

The sensor automatically triggers the required temperature within 0.1 seconds.

High Quality

Suitable for extinguishing material fires such as solids, liquids and gases.

Very Usefull

Easy to use. Works without maintenance for up to 12 years.


Works indoors and outdoors. Aperture range -60 C +90 C. Storm effect. Explosion protection


Non-pressurized fire extinguishing module. High extinguishing power in the 2-4 sec range. Ability to produce its own trigger energy